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Severe asthma patients’ association

The association was founded at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of influencing prevention of the occurrence of severe asthma by educating the population, popularising healthy lifestyles and advocating for a healthy environment, psychosocial support and rehabilitation of patients with severe asthma.
The association is a non-profit organisation so its management is based on the voluntary work of the members of the Association, mainly those suffering from severe asthma and their family members, or others who are interested in helping the work of this Association.
Founders’ Assembly - founding members of the Association
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A very specific disease: when you least expect it, whether you’re happy or sad or even when relaxed and carefree, it can surprise you.
I got asthma when I was 17. It was in April. I can remember, like it was yesterday, the fear of shortness of breath, and the panic because I could not breathe.
Very few people understand why we say we are ill, when there is apparently nothing wrong with us. My problems began after giving birth for the second time, frequent suffocations, struggle for air, fatigue.
I had problems, because I didn’t meet my work obligations due to the disease.
I believe everything happened at the right time and now I finally appreciate life, I feel and I am aware of every breath when I inhale and exhale. Life is so beautiful when we are healthy and our thoughts are nice too.
Year after year, the attacks became more frequent and more severe, so much so that the emergency services would sometimes respond 2-3 times in one day. I’ve been to hospitals at least 25-30 times.
All the activities I enjoyed doing, running, playing tennis, trekking, I couldn’t do them anymore because my health simply didn’t allow it.
Asthma is a condition that affects asthma patients, and their entire environment. It is both a physical and psychological state of constant struggle for air, for life. My life with asthma was very limited.
I got into my teenage years, when I was supposed to be running around with my peers, but instead I was fighting for every breath and fighting with that damn asthma. My main goal was to be able to do everything that my peers could do.