Our story

My name is Dragan Perić, I was born in Bečej in 1967. I am married, with two sons and a daughter, I’m on a disability pension and I suffer from bronchial asthma.
My name is Svetlana Ivošević. I’m 58 years old, married and I have two grown-up daughters. I am a lawyer by profession and I practice law.
Very few people understand why we say we are ill, when there is apparently nothing wrong with us. I am Mirjana Mladenović, born in 1979 and I’m a big fighter.
I have two children, they are 18 year-old twins. I was diagnosed with asthma a little over 17 years ago. It all began with a pollen allergy, and it became more severe with each passing year.
I’m an asthmatic since early childhood. It started with bronchitis; I began taking corticosteroids as a baby. I don’t think of my childhood dearly. Hospital visits, severe choking, obesity and difficulty moving.
I am Stevica, I live in Kula and I’m 53. I’m married and have two children. After my military service, I got employed in F. A. ‘Istra’ in 1988 and after only six months my first symptoms of asthma appeared, and I’ve been constantly taking therapy ever since (aminophylline, Lemod or Dexason ampules).
Since my asthma diagnosis 11 years ago, my life has taken a 180 degree turn. All the activities I enjoyed doing, running, playing tennis, trekking, I couldn’t do them anymore.
My name is Aleksandra Maleš, I am 44 years old, married with three children, and I’m a professional economist. I’ve been suffering from allergic asthma for 15 years.
Nobody appreciates the most precious thing in the world… And that is good health… We realise its importance only when it catches up with us, then it becomes clear that everything else is irrelevant.