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    Excerpt from the Statute of the Severe asthma patients’ association:

    Article 5. Any person, who accepts the Association and its Statute and submits an application for membership to the Board of Directors of the Association, can become a member of the Association.


    Article 6. The Board of Directors decides on the admission of new members and they will inform the applicant about their decision without delay.

    Members may withdraw from membership: upon personal request through a written statement, by exclusion, or upon death. The decision on termination of membership is made by the Board of Directors.


    Article 7. A member of the Association has the right to: participates equally to other members in the achievement of the Association's goals, directly participate of the Assembly’s decision-making , as well as to elect and be elected into the Association's bodies through these bodies, be fully informed about the Association's work in a timely manner.

    Members are obliged to: actively contribute to the achievement of the Association's goals, participate in the Association’s activities in accordance with their interest, pay
    a membership fee, perform other duties entrusted to them by the Board of Directors.