Stevica Ristić

I am Stevica, I live in Kula and I’m 53. I’m married and have two children. After my military service, in 1988. I got employed in F. A. „Istra“ and after only half a year my first symptoms of asthma appeared, and I’ve been on constant therapy ever since (aminophylline, Lemod or dexason ampules).

Year after year, the attacks became more frequent and more severe, so much so that the emergency services would sometimes respond 2-3 times in one day. In 2005 I had cardiac arrest due to breathlessness and I am alive thanks to the Emergency medical services in Kula. I am retired since then. I have been to hospitals in Sombor, Vrbas and Sremska Kamenica, at least 25-30 times.

I began receiving biological therapy two years ago. Since then, my health has improved significantly, I am physically much more active. I thank doctors Kolarov, Hromiš and Zvezdin because my health has improved.

I am grateful for my wife and children for helping me in my battle for oxygen.