Slađana Petrović

I’m an asthmatic since early childhood. It started with bronchitis, I began taking corticosteroids as a baby. I don’t think of my childhood dearly. Hospital visits, severe choking, obesity and difficulty moving.

I went to medical secondary school with the aim to help myself and others. Because I used corticosteroids for years, I developed additional comorbidities (diabetes, hypertension and hormonal imbalance and many other diseases).

I almost lost hope, until I was referred to the Institute. After the first examination, I became a candidate for Biological therapy, which I received soon after.

A few months later, I started to recover quite quickly, I was breathing better, my glycaemia was normal, I lost weight and physical activity became an integral part of my life. Today, after two years of taking the therapy, I am finally planning my future with no fear.

I believe everything happened at the right time and now I finally appreciate life, I feel and I am aware of every breath when I inhale and exhale. Life is so beautiful when we are healthy and our thoughts are nice too. Petrović Slađana, aged 28.