Mirjana Mladenović

Very few people understand why we say we are ill, when there is apparently nothing wrong with us. I am Mirjana Mladenović, born in 1979 and I’m a big fighter.

My problems began after giving birth for the second time; frequent tight chest, struggle for air, and fatigue. In the years to come I learned to live with all that, but then it got worse, and emergency room visits, urbason, and aminophylline didn’t help me anymore.

The worst part was when I couldn’t hide it from the kids. I was about to give up this fight for one more day, one more breath. The diagnoses all differed, from heart attack, to spine issues, maybe asthma… with no proper analysis, I couldn’t get an MRI scan for 3 months and I started receiving intravenous trodon. And at this time, by chance, I happened to meet doctor Hromiš, and in December 2016 I finally see that I can continue to live my life and get treatment, and be there for my family. The care, the attention and hope that I will not only live to see my daughter’s graduation, but be there for her and for my son, family and friends, I have immeasurable gratitude to everyone at the institute.

I’ve been taking the biological therapy for a year now. My life is back to normal, I sometimes even forget that I’m ill.

I work, my children have a well-rested mother again, and my friends have their smiling and sociable Mirjana back. As a long-time folklore dancer, I go to folklore rehearsals and dance. I live, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of how I couldn’t walk from the kitchen to the living room, and I could only be active for six hours a day. I breathe without prednisone and additional pumps, or going to the emergency room.

And I tell everyone that it can get better, and that general practitioners should see internally the expertise of the doctor and staff at the hospital in Kamenica. For me and my family, biological therapy has brought back our normal life and I hope it will do the same for all other people who struggle for air every day and take lots of medication.

I hope my experience helps someone, that someone will find similarities in our stories and look for help in the right place, get a proper diagnosis and eventually a proper therapy too.

Thank you from my heart.