Mira Zec

Nobody appreciates the most precious thing in the world… And that is good health… We realise its importance only when it catches up with us, then clearly everything else becomes irrelevant. During my teenage years, when I was supposed to be carefree, running around with my peers, instead I was fighting for every breath I took and battling with that damn asthma.

It completely limited my life, my main goal was to be able to do everything that my peers could do. Only, I couldn’t… It was tough, and only a person who had gone through it all will understand the weight of this battle… It felt like I was in a maze and there was no way out. Then something completely changed my life. My doctor recommended that I, together with four other patients, start receiving biological therapy. Today, I am not limited in any way; I live my life to the fullest. And thanks to the therapy, I was able to enjoy the most beautiful days of my pregnancy. Today, I am a happy mother and I enjoy motherhood with no breathlessness or gasping for air. All thanks to this therapy and to doctor Hromiš.