Marijana Mig

I’m Marijana Mig, 42 years of age, from Subotica. I have two children; they are 18 year-old twins.
I was diagnosed with asthma a little over 17 years ago. It all began with a pollen allergy, and it became more severe with each passing year. I was constantly taking corticosteroids; I spent more time at the hospital than I did at home…. I couldn’t complete my everyday activities at home or at work. I had trouble at work, because I didn’t meet my work obligations due to the disease. I used to work in a factory that produces micro engines….

Thanks to the efforts and persistence of Dr Bojana Šakić from Subotica, I came to Kamenica. I was seen by Dr Sanja Hromiš… I was diagnosed with Severe asthma… soon after, I began receiving biological therapy. I didn’t believe to what extent my life could change…. I received my eighth therapy… And now I can walk and ride a bike (at one point I could only dream of doing all this). These are common things for some, but they were inaccessible to me. Now I can do them all!

I also have comorbidities, and for that reason I am on disability. I changed my employment… I got a job through the National Employment Agency and I now work as a call centre agent. I enjoy spending time with my children and they are happy and content to see me well.

Life can be beautiful when you’re healthy… the rest will follow.

I wish everyone good health, a successful treatment, believe in yourself and trust the help that we are provided.