Dragan Perić

My name is Dragan Perić, I was born in Bečej in 1967. I am married, with two sons and a daughter, I’m on a disability pension and I suffer from bronchial asthma.

The official diagnosis is that I have been ill since 1986 but I believe I had the disease even earlier. I received the first aminophylline intravenously when I was less than 15 years old; it was during a school trip in Montenegro. That is what I remember instead of having nice memories.

Later in life it was difficult because I was ill almost all the time due to my weakened immune system, and this contributed to my increasingly severe asthma.

It was tough because everyone around me suffered, first my parents, my brother and sister, and then my wife and our children.
Constantly waking up at night, waiting for the emergency services to arrive (five minutes seem like an eternity), watching everyone around you suffer and trying to hide your pain from the children.

It’s a very specific disease: when you least expect it, whether you’re happy or sad or even when relaxed and carefree, it can surprise you.

A lot of aminophylline+corticosteroids passed through my veins, I can’t remember the exact amount in addition to the prescribed therapy, and the inhaler whenever needed….

But there was light at the end of the tunnel, however unbelievable it may sound. Associate professor dr sc. med. Sanja Hromić turned up with her team, and she invested all her energy and expertise in a better tomorrow for us, and I am grateful for that.

I feel a lot better now, and I can say that I am much more carefree and more satisfied in my life.

I have one final message for all asthmatics: fight and don’t lose hope, maybe you too will soon see your light at the end of the tunnel.