Aleksandra Maleš

My name is Aleksandra Maleš, I am 44  years old,  married with three children, and I’m a professional economist. I’ve been suffering from allergic asthma for 15 years.

Asthma is a condition which makes the person who has it, but also that person’s entire environment, suffer. It is both a physical and psychological state of constant struggle for air, for life.

My life with asthma was very limited; limited in terms of all physical activities. And I’m not referring to sports, but to everyday life situations, such as climbing the stairs. Activities that are normal for other people were a problem for me.  A very unpleasant constant cough, from dry to productive, which makes you want to vomit, a very loud nose breathing and constantly stuffy nose with absolutely no sense of smell have become part of my everyday life.  My husband told me how he was afraid he wouldn’t know what to do when I had a flare-up and shortness of breath. The children asked me if they would also have asthma… It came to a point when I was using ten different types of medicine with no improvement. And that would always make me ponder and ask the same question… if the cause of my asthma is an allergy, isn’t there medication that treats the cause and not the effect?  And I tried everything, I changed my diet, bought anti-allergic pillows and mattresses, threw out carpets and curtains, bought a dust mite spray and… still no improvement…

Biological therapy contributed to my asthma being fully controlled.  With this therapy I have good quality of life. I got a second chance. I can do the things I love again and enjoy life to the fullest. And so, I thank everyone for this, the entire team for biological therapy at the Institute in Sremska Kamenica, but especially to the doctors in charge: Violeta Kolarov, Sanja Hromiš and Biljana Zvezdin.