About the association

The Association was founded at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of influencing prevention of the occurrence of severe asthma by educating the population, popularising healthy lifestyles and advocating for a healthy environment, psychosocial support and rehabilitation of patients with severe asthma.

The Association is a non-profit organisation so its management is based on the voluntary work of the members of the Association, mainly those suffering from severe asthma and their family members, or others who are interested in helping the work of this Association.

The first and, in this day and age, inevitable step is building this website www.teskaastma.rs.
The website is of a voluntary nature and has no commercial aspirations.
Therefore, we invite all of you who are interested
to take part in the realization of this site, to send us your comments, stories and personal experiences.
We also invite and welcome all people of good will, as well as businesses, who have the opportunity, to help this website’s work through donations.
With wishes of good health, warm greetings from the Association!
Contact: udruzenjeota@gmail.com

Thank you to our sponsors